Saturday, 14 April 2007

We have lift off!

Next month I get my first DSLR - I am very excited and really dont want to wait!

I'm hoping to take a few courses to improve my knowledge and then start taking photographs professionally.

Hence this blog. I am currently doing a photo a day project which I started on 1 January this year. I'm really enjoying it and hope once I have my DSLR that I will start taking better pictures.

Not that I'm not pleased with most that I've taken so far - especially of my 2 children.

Although I am pleased with many of my photos of my new baby daughter Hope this has to be my favourite (so far - she's only 10 weeks old so theres bound to be more)

1 April 2007

And of course I cant leave out my boy, Callum. Being a toddler there are of course many more photos of him so its even harder to choose a favourite. At the moment I have this one pinned up on my wall.


I'm very lucky that so far the children love each other

5 April 2007

So keep popping back to see what photos I produce! I hope as the year goes on they will improve in quality!


Paula said...

Hi Alex,
These photos are fantastic!
Love the latest 2
Enjoy your new toy when you get it!
Paula x

Melissa said...

Alex you take wicked pictures babe!

I really LOVE the one of Sam and Callum!

Terrie Knibb said...

Alex, you're a great photographer. Lovely photos. Still lokking and being inspired by your photo a day blog.