Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Summer in My Space

YAY, her space: my space is back!! God I've missed it! Todays word is:

SUMMER. A season noted for warmth, blue skies, strawberries and fun. Show us your summer so far


This is Callum, today! His hair is all spiky as I've just rubbed a load of suntan lotion into his head!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Life carries on

Not much happening at the moment, Sam passed his course and has his passing out parade on Friday, then he's home and working in Yeovil! Yippee!!!

Callum is learning his numbers - he knows up to 9 now, the clever little boy. So I'm now starting on the alphabet.

I'm getting Hope weighed this afternoon - haven't had her done in 3 months so will be interesting to see how much weight she's put on.

Went for a walk the other night to take some photos - got some cracking ones of the sunset - the sky was so pretty.

Copy of DSC03079

I'm in the middle of a little craft project - almost finished and then I'll post some photos. The project and "how to" will also be on Inspiration Alley so you should check it out.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Thomas Fever

Callum has become obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine so I'm busy preparing Thomas things for his bedroom.

Today I made him a Thomas for his bedroom door.

thomas door

And some more




Just some pics for you

Got the camera out earlier and took some pics of the kids.







Sunday, 8 July 2007

Love between a mother and her daughter

Ok I will be back with a full report and photos on my friends wedding, but I'm off to bed now as I'm just so tired so it will have to wait.

However, I will quickly share this photo of me and Hope which my friend snapped at the wedding yesterday. Hope is giving proper kisses now - although in this photo she has her mouth wide open when your lips reach hers she closes them to give a kiss. Its very sweet considering at this age I was still getting very wet, slobbery kisses from Callum (not that they weren't appreciated ofcourse!


Thursday, 5 July 2007

Yay, he passed!!

Sam has passed his course which he means he is now a killick (basically a supervisor). I'm so proud of him!!

I'm a bad blogger at the moment, got lots of things to write about just not the time to do it! I will come back later when the kids are in bed - got lots of photos to share!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Callum's first year!

Have been meaning to do this layout for quite a while just never seem to get round to it. This is quite a different style of layout for me - for one its got 13 photos on it whereas I normally only scrap 1.

You can see how much he's changed.


After his birthday next month I plan on doing a similar one for his 2nd year!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

A new me!

Just had my hair drastically changed - new style, new colour


Not sure if I like it though

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Bowl in My Space


A round, deep dish. Show us a bowl in your space today.


Todays word is


I have nothing of that sort in my house so this will have to wait until the next time I visit mum - hopefully she'll have something I could use.

Bless his little cottons

I was in the dining room doing a bit of tidying and checkking emails when I realised it was very quiet! This was surprising as i'd just heard Thomas the Tank Engine finish so had been expecting to hear the patter of tiny feet demanding it be put back on again!

I rush to the living room and cannot see him - I start to panic but then notice a little mound on the sofa! He'd fallen asleep!!!

This is the first time he's done that!!


I feel like I'm back at school sometimes!!

I really do feel like I'm back at school sometimes, its pathetic if you ask me!

An opinion has turned into world war 3 and whereas some people are happy to just move on and forget, others wont shut up about it! Seems rather pathetic and childish to me!

I've wasted the last year of my life being friends with people that just weren't worth it. But I've learnt from that now and have made 3 true friends who I get on with soooo well. So Lou, Terrie and V - I love you, thanks for all your support and for making me laugh when I'm feeling down and missing Sam like crazy.

And to the norty girls: grow up for fucks sake!

My Art Journal Begins

I've been tempted to do an art journal for ages, just never really got round to doing anything about it plus i wasn't really sure what one was - well it turns out it can be anything you like - lol.

After doing the art therapy the other day I've been wanting to flick more paint around so dug out an old notebook, ripped out the pages I'd already written on and got to decorating.

I'd already altered the notebook previously, instead of ripping that paper off I just painted over it. I then cut some photos out of the newpaper and stuck them on. When covering it with glue I mixed in a tiny bit of paint to make the glaze coloured but still see through.

I think I may add pictures to the back but haven't found any I like (plus used up all the glue) so that can wait, I may decide I like it as it is. I put a picture of a really cool sillohette on there but mixed to much paint in the glue so you cant really see the beauty of it, which is why I also added the picture of the tree.

I'm pleased with it though, its nothing like I've done before

B is for Book

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Sit in My Space


A position in which we relax. Who is sitting in your space today?

Copy of Picture 146

Have used an old photo today as just far to tired to even think about picking up my camera! lol

Art Therapy

Well with the suggestion from Lou I have done some Art Therapy today - I have just let loose to relieve some of the tension and stress!!

Art Therapy

It looks better in real life but the more I look at it the more I dont think its finished so I will probably add more tomorrow. Going to let all that paint fully dry first though - plus i'm pretty tired so would be best to deal with it tomorrow.

Its on newspaper to dry, but I think it looks quite good so I'm going to create a newspaper mount to stick it to then its going on my wall above my craft desk.

Soap in My Space


A product we use to halp us clean. Find soap in your space today.

7 April 2007

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Feeling low

I'm feeling quite low today, I'm missing Sam - it doesn't help that he couldn't come home this weekend, he went out with his friends last night and when I spoke to him he was miserable! So I then felt awful for him and just wanted to go and get him (he's in Portsmouth and I'm in Yeovil).

But Mum and Dad are coming home today and are going to pop in and see me on the way - they've been on a cruise on the QE2 round Iceland and Norway.

I cant wait for Sam's course to be finished and he can come home! Plus if he passes (which he should) he gets his increase in wages backdated to March so I can get my camera equipment that I need so quite excited about that!

I've also decided to leave my craft team on UkScrappers - there was a big argument the other week and then another one this week and I've just decided enough is enough - this certainly hasn't helped my low mood and I dont want to end up with depression like I did last year. I'm going to miss the girls on there and I'm sure I'll keep in touch with some of them but I think the time is right to move on.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to join a new team yet - I might give UKS a break for a little while as I'm spending far to much time on the internet and not enough playing with my babies!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Write in My Space


To make marks wth a penil , paint or ink. Show us writting in your space.

Picture 007

I altered a notebook yesterday so that I could write down any funny things Callum says or do!

Straight in My Space


Moving or extending in only one direction. Show us straight in your space today.

Picture 005

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tea in My Space


A drink with jam and bread, that will bring us back to Doh, oh, oh,oh. You must have tea in your space - show!


Ingredients needed for a cuppa in our house

Press in My Space


To compress, extract, squeeze, urge and manufacture. How do you see Press in your space?


My iron with a small part of my ironing pile - I do intend on pressing all this at some point.

Milk in My Space


A creamy white liquid nutrient provided by animals. Have you got milk in your space?


We go through a lot of milk in our house

A Drink in My Space


A liquid refreshment. Find one in your space.


This is about exciting as I get at the moment - water!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Getting to grips with photoshop

Ok, I had a little tinkering around with photoshop and paintshop pro last night. Stacey and Tracie helped me by telling me how to get a photo black and white with a bit of colour added.

I'm quite pleased with my early attempts.

My creation

The top one is the original photo untouched!
The bottom one has had the colour/contrast/saturation adjusted, fish eye lens effect added plus lens distortion.

My creation

The top one is the original photo untouched!
The bottom one has had the colour/contrast/saturation adjusted, fish eye lens effect added plus lens distortion

My creation

The top one is the original photo untouched.
The bottom one has had the colour/contrast/saturation adjusted and fish eye lens effect added

My creation

The top one is the original photo untouched.
The bottom one has levels adjusted, and the colour returned to the hat

My creation

The top one is the original photo untouched.
The bottom one has had the levels adjusted and the colour returned to the tiger

More Monkey World

Picture 146

Picture 033

Picture 080

Picture 109
Callum took a really liking to Katy and kept wanting to be carried by her!

Picture 123

Monkeying around in Monkey World!

Went to Monkey World yesterday with Andrew and Katy - was really good, the weather was fab to which was surprising as it was forcast heavy showers - I even got a little bit of sunburn on my shoulders.

Picture 060

Picture 020

Picture 030

Picture 034

Saturday, 16 June 2007

A Hat in My Space


A cover for the head to keep it dry and warm. Find one in your space today.


My hat lives on our shelving unit for some reason!

Friday, 15 June 2007

No Shell in My Space today!

The prompt today is Shell - I dont have any in my space, dont even have any eggs until I go shopping tomorrow so I wont be doing todays word today!

Oh well never mind, I've had an idea of another photo project - big secret at the moment, when I've had time to have a proper think all will be revealed!


Thursday, 14 June 2007


Ok, I am somehow getting loads of scrapbooking done at the moment - I'm not really sure how!! Here are a few of my layouts that I've done this week:









I have done more but haven't taken photographs of all of them yet!

I've done 17 pages this month towards Torias album which is a wedding present for her (and her partner as well obviously) - They get married on 7th July and I decided on 1st June to do one so didn't leave me much time - but I've done little cheats and used patterned paper where all I had to do was plonk a photo on there and add a couple of embellishments, plus used lots of sketches! Scrapped on 8x8 which I've never done before - still think I prefer 8.5 x 11.