Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Life carries on

Not much happening at the moment, Sam passed his course and has his passing out parade on Friday, then he's home and working in Yeovil! Yippee!!!

Callum is learning his numbers - he knows up to 9 now, the clever little boy. So I'm now starting on the alphabet.

I'm getting Hope weighed this afternoon - haven't had her done in 3 months so will be interesting to see how much weight she's put on.

Went for a walk the other night to take some photos - got some cracking ones of the sunset - the sky was so pretty.

Copy of DSC03079

I'm in the middle of a little craft project - almost finished and then I'll post some photos. The project and "how to" will also be on Inspiration Alley so you should check it out.



Terrie Knibb said...

Beautiful photo. Love all the colours.

Congratulations to Sam. Enjoy spending time together, now he's home for a while.

Ruth said...

Congrats for Sam...and this photo is stunning.