Saturday, 23 June 2007

Feeling low

I'm feeling quite low today, I'm missing Sam - it doesn't help that he couldn't come home this weekend, he went out with his friends last night and when I spoke to him he was miserable! So I then felt awful for him and just wanted to go and get him (he's in Portsmouth and I'm in Yeovil).

But Mum and Dad are coming home today and are going to pop in and see me on the way - they've been on a cruise on the QE2 round Iceland and Norway.

I cant wait for Sam's course to be finished and he can come home! Plus if he passes (which he should) he gets his increase in wages backdated to March so I can get my camera equipment that I need so quite excited about that!

I've also decided to leave my craft team on UkScrappers - there was a big argument the other week and then another one this week and I've just decided enough is enough - this certainly hasn't helped my low mood and I dont want to end up with depression like I did last year. I'm going to miss the girls on there and I'm sure I'll keep in touch with some of them but I think the time is right to move on.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to join a new team yet - I might give UKS a break for a little while as I'm spending far to much time on the internet and not enough playing with my babies!

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Lin said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling low hun, hope things perk up for you soon. Lxx