Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I feel like I'm back at school sometimes!!

I really do feel like I'm back at school sometimes, its pathetic if you ask me!

An opinion has turned into world war 3 and whereas some people are happy to just move on and forget, others wont shut up about it! Seems rather pathetic and childish to me!

I've wasted the last year of my life being friends with people that just weren't worth it. But I've learnt from that now and have made 3 true friends who I get on with soooo well. So Lou, Terrie and V - I love you, thanks for all your support and for making me laugh when I'm feeling down and missing Sam like crazy.

And to the norty girls: grow up for fucks sake!


Terrie Knibb said...

Alex you are more than welcome, that's what friends are for and thank you for getting to know the person I really am, your understanding and support. It's really appreciated. I too discovered this week who was really important in my life and who wasn't.

Sandie said...

I hope that doesn't include me, I hoped to stay neutral and be friends with everyone, you hair looks fab by the way xx