Monday, 11 June 2007

17 and a half weeks already

Oh my god, can you believe my little girl is 17 and a half weeks old already! I've just started her on a spoonful of baby rice, she can roll over, she is now self settling and sleeping in her own bed - I just cant believe how fast its going.

This is me on 23rd Jnaury - my due date. She didn't arrive until NINE days later! Hmmmm!

<st1:date month=23 January 2007" />

I was very uncomfortable by this point, and my bump was MASSIVE!! But then she was a big girl, 9lb, 10oz! Whew!

This is her on day 1:
Copy of P1020014

The photo is really bad quality because Sam didn't want to use the flash and the lighting was quite poor but this was her at about 15 minutes old!! She was sooooo puffy!

And then this is my beauty now:


Well as I've shown you Hope I really have to show you Callum too (hee hee)

I cant believe he's going to be 2 next month - those 2 years have gone in a flash. I watch him everyday in amazement at all the new things he's learning to do and say

This is me at 7 months pregnant - as we moved at the end of my pregnancy I didn't manage to get any more bump photos

Copy of My bump

This is actually me in early labour with Callum - though you cant really see my bump properly as my plate is on it! I'm eating pineapple to start things properly - and boy did that work! (photo is poor quality cause it was taken on Sam's mobile)

Callum 608

This is CAllum at about 2 hours old

Callum 602

And then this is my boy on Friday at my nephews birthday party

Copy of DSC01675

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Terrie Knibb said...

Alex, don't they grow and change so quickly, but at least you're lucky enough to have all the photos to remember the different stages by.