Sunday, 3 June 2007

Getting down at eye level

I'm trying to take photos of Callum's toys and habits so that I dont forget them - my parents dont remember that many details of me and my brother as a kid, and I'm already forgetting things about Callum when he was tiny so I'm making more of an effort now to capture both Callums and Hopes lives in photo.

Every morning Callum will empty his duplo box - he doesn't play with the bricks yet, he just empties it and walks through it to spread it out as far as he can.


Whilst I was led on the floor he came and led opposite me!


Although the colour and quality of the photo isn't that great as the lighting was poor and the flash was off, I love this photo as its typical Callum.

Hope stayed in bed this morning when I got up at with Callum at 5.20. She finally woke 2 hours later so we both went up to get her, Callum climbed into bed and had cuddles with her. I took loads of photos but in most of them one or the other wasn't looking at the camera. I got one where Hope has a big smile on her face but Callum moved his head at the last minute so he is just a blur.

So this is the best of the lot, may not be smiling but they are both looking at the camera


And I cropped the photo of Hope smiling.


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Debs said...

aww brilliant pictures!!
i had the same idea with my 2 yo....wish i'd thought of that with the older ones...:) x