Sunday, 13 May 2007

300 + photos

No, I'm not uploading over 300 photos to my blog - but that is the amount of photos I took yesterday! I just went snap crazy!!!!!!

Here are a couple of my favourites:


I love this photo of my friend Katy - she's normally a nightmare when I'm taking photos and runs off to hide so I was really pleased that I got some of her smiling for the camera - I can finally do her page in my friends scrapbook!


This is my friend Andy and his Nikon D80 - am I jealous??? Hell yes!!!


And this is Jonno with my little girl Hope. I dont know what it is about this photo as I took loads of everyone with Hope and they're all really good, but this photo just seems really special to me.

I've got loads more that I love that I took but I could be uploading forever, maybe I'll post some more on days where I haven't had a chance to take many good photos!

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