Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A walk through Ilchester

Well a walk which should have taken about 30 to 40 minutes took over 2 hours as I thought it would be a good idea for Callum to walk - he's been so good with his walking recently, and loves helping to push the pushchair so thought it would be ok.

Oh dear god it wasn't - he mostly fine there, just took a while as walked so slow (which I didn't mind), we had to stop and look at anything of interested.

But the way back all hell let loose - I tried carrying him: he didn't want that, I tried putting him in the buggy next to Hope: he didn't want that, I tried leaving him to walk: he didn't want that.

The poor lad has got bruises on his arms where I had to keep grabbing him to stop him running into the road!! Next time I'll just struggle with the buggy methinks!

But on the way done I got some nice photos. This following one of Ilchester church I'm using as my photo today:

22 May 2007 - DAY 10

And at one point I had Callum sat on a wall and managed to take some photos of him - he refused to look at the camera in any of them though. This is my favourite:


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Debs said...

aww how cute is this lil guy?!! very thoughtful eh?! xx