Friday, 11 May 2007

I cant find my cable!!

So cant upload any of my pics from the camera to the computer! Grrrrr!!

Suppose it means I'll have to finish unpacking just to find it!

I've taken some lovely photos though this week of Callum. Now that Sams home I'm going to try and take some more of Hope - I find theres only so many you can take of her in her bouncer before they all look the same! I cane wait til she's moving a bit so I can take more different pictures!

Haven't done any scrapping as such - though working on a secret project for my First Editions challenge. Paula set us all a challenge to scrap a page with photos of us all - I decided to do something slightly different - though cant reveal anything yet as its not finished and I want it to be a surprise for the team!

Right well I better get back to packing so I can upload my photos!

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