Sunday, 13 May 2007

Photo a Day project - Day 1

Well on 1st January this year I started a photo a day project. However in the last couple of weeks I haven't taken a photo due to the move, sale of camera and other stresses!

Unfortunately I have a few OCD tendancies so I have decided to start again as I just couldn't cope with a gap in my dates!

So decided to start again today as its my birthday!!

So day 1 - and my pic is of my birthday present from my parents - my new photo printer which is gorgeous! Oh and have also restarted my photo a day of the children!

13th May 2007 - Day 1

PAD Callum:
Callum - 13th May - Day 1

PAD Hope:
Hope - 13th May - Day 1

And I just like this one of Sam


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Terrie Knibb said...

Love the look on Callum's face.