Thursday, 17 May 2007

I've been tagged!

Right, well Terrie has tagged me so I'm to reveal 7 things about myself. Hmm will take some thinking:

1) Since being broken into twice last year I do not feel safe in my house if Sam is not here (even though we have now moved). I dont sleep well and every little noise makes me wonder whose out there.

2) Every time I look at photos of my mums parents it makes me cry. My Grandad died when I was 6 and my Nan died when I was 10. However I dont get the same way about my Dads parents - my Grandad died before I was born and my Nan is still alive :)

3) I try not to reveal my hobbies to Sam's family as I'm scared they'll laugh at me and I worry to much about what people think of me. I'm not ashamed of my hobbies but his family aren't into that sort of thing so would scoff!

4) I want to be the ultimate domestic goddess and have a beautiful show home - however 2 children,1 dog, 1 husband and terminal laziness prevents this from happening.

5) I wish I was a better scrapper! I'm pleased with quite a few of my latest layouts - however most have been lifted from other peoples pages. I'm rubbish at thinking up my own layouts and I feel embarrassed about this.

6) I really want to take some nude photographs (not of myself). I dont want trashy ones where 'everything' is out, but want to take artistic ones which suggest sexiness (if you get what I mean). However, I'm scared people will think I'm a pervert although I probably wouldn't have any rude bits showing (well apart from a bum, maybe)

7) Most of my friends are from the internet these days. Although I have some from school in real life, and we do keep in touch I dont see them all that often (mainly because at the moment I'm the only one with kids). I therefore feel very lonely at times and although I have some very good friends on my UKScrappers team and I can confide in them about anything, I dont have anyone I can just phone up for a gossip or meet for coffee when I'm lonely. This is not how I imagined my life to be.

So there you go, thats me!

Edited: I've thought of another one

8) I have quite a few OCD tendencies. If I make a list, it has to be very neat, all in the same colour pen, 1 point per line. If Sam adds something afterwards and messes it up I will often have to rewrite my list so its neat again.


Terrie Knibb said...

Aww Alex, some bits of this made me quite sad. Thank you for sharing, can empathise with quite a bit.

Paula said...

Alex, thanks for sharing your facts/thoughts with us xx