Thursday, 24 May 2007

Meet Adam

Well I think you've met all the members of my family apart from Adam.


We rescued him last year after we were broken into twice. We dont know his history as he was just found strolling in Ireland. He has a bad limp though after several checks we do not know why - we think its just nerve damage, and he's not in any pain.

He's a lovely dog, so friendly with the children and so protective of us!


Aubrey Harns said...

What an adorable dog - rescued pets are always so loyal!

Debs said...

aww he look so sweet and sad! but dogs do have that sad face dont they? my golden lab has one too, even when she's so happy her bum wags more than her tail!!! lol xx

Terrie Knibb said...

Aww Alex, there's no way I'm going to let Eric see this photo, he's desparate for a dog, but not desparate enough to agree to clean up after it, and this is just the sort of dog he loves.

Sandie said...

Gorgeous dog Alex, I never knew that you had learn something new every day :D