Monday, 21 May 2007

My great grandmother

Been trying to do this layout all day of my great grandmother:


Journaling says:

Marion Sullivan, known as Marie.
She had a sad and short life. She was brought up by her sisters when her mother was commited for severe post natal depression.
She married Fred Clarke in 1919. After giving birth to my nan Ina in 1920 they emigrated to Canada where she went on to have 3 more children - Bernice, Roy and Joyce.
In a time when abortion was ilegal, Marie found herself pregnant for a 5th time, with a child she did not want. A friend recommended a "Doctor" who could give her a drug to terminate the pregnancy. Sadly the drug poisoned her and she died in 1927 leaving 4 children without a mother, the eldest aged 7 and the youngest just 2

The story will continue with the next layout I do which will be of my Nan.

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Eleanor said...

Oh my goodness, such a sad sad story. A really beautiful layout.